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 Ex's GM app :P

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PostSubject: Ex's GM app :P   Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:43 pm

IN-GAME NAME - Excalibur

KEY NAME - Gogeta9000

AGE - /15


BYOND EXPERIENCE - I have been playing BYOND games and been on BYOND for about 5 years and in these five years I have gained much of popularity as a person that knows whats happening and trys to help everyone. I had stopped playing BYOND for about 5 months due to extreme work from school, so I was not updated that almost all of the DragonBall games had been taken off the website. But I still know a lot about BYOND and I started to play other games such as Naruto and Bleach, until I found out that there were still Dragon Ball games still up, then I started to play those again.

SKILLS AND GM EXPERIENCE- I used to be the GM of the game DragonBall Z: Saiyan Revenge, but I quit the game due to extreme work from my school. Then I quit BYOND for a while, but I came back to have more fun, so this could be my next big thing! And if I was to be elected, most people that know me know that I would be a fair council member/enforcer and that I would never abuse my power.

You're applying for? Council OR Enforcer
Council- Level 2
Enforcer- Level 3

WHY I SHOULD BE COUNCIL OR ENFORCER (aka the most important part):
Council: I should be in the Council because I feel as though this could be my new opportunity to help BYOND players again. I would be a fair council member that would never abuse my power, and only help the people that need the help. I would not take bribes to do things for people that I shuld not be doing, and I will not abuse my power and help myself get stronger or cheat the game. I would also be on the game a lot, so I can help the players more.
Enforcer: I should be an Enforcer because even though I just started playing this game, I've been on BYOND for a long time, so I know how the people are, and how I can help them. Obviously you know that I would never abuse my power, and since I'll be on the game alot, I would have a lot of chances to help everyone.


EDIT: I also have a lot of experience with Dragon Ball Games, because as long as I've been on BYOND, I have been playing Dragon Ball games, since nothing else really appealed to me, so yeah.
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Ex's GM app :P
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