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 Cloud's GM Application

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PostSubject: Cloud's GM Application   Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:38 pm


KEY NAME - jeffhardy13

AGE - /15

TIME ZONE Eastern Time

BYOND EXPERIENCE - I have been playing byond for a good 2 years. Attempted coding a game, and failed. I have played a good portion of my life devoted to byond.

SKILLS AND GM EXPERIENCE- I have administrated for RR (Dbz Rebirth Revised) with you guys for a while. Also administrated for 4 other games.

You're applying for? ~Enforcer

WHY I SHOULD BE COUNCIL OR ENFORCER- I am very unbiased and easy to get along with. I am also very fair when it comes down to it. I'm a great moderator. I love to have something to do, as far as being responsible for. I am online 2-6 hours a day minimum so I'll be available a great deal of time. I remember the rules and regulations. So I'll be there if I'm needed.

About me~ I am a hardcore gamer, as I've been told many many times. I like to write stories (fiction) and I like to just chill and hang out with my buddies and chat.

This is a quickly put together application, if you want more information, contact me privately.

Regards ~Cloud

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Cloud's GM Application
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