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 Slammin Sam's App

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Slam Sam

PostSubject: Slammin Sam's App   Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:31 pm

IN-GAME NAME - Slammin Sam/Penho
KEY NAME - Penho

AGE - /16


SKILLS AND GM EXPERIENCE- Alright i have social skills with everyone so thats pretty good. i have also been an admin in several other games a few years back and was always making sure the rules were being followed appropriately.

You're applying for?Council OR Enforcer
Enforcer- Level 2

WHY I SHOULD BE COUNCIL OR ENFORCER- Council: I know i don't have much to go on but if you guys just gave me a little chance i'd really be able to help out because i'm very good at the job. I am very talkative and on all the time and i always help out players alot. Even when GM aren't around because i am a nice guy Smile. But i can be very strict and make sure that all the rules are followed like they should be. And if they continued to break those rules i would punish them. Need it be mute, boot, jail, ban depending on the rule the break. i hope you guys give me a shot Smile. Thanks for taking the time in reading this.
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Game Owner
Game Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Slammin Sam's App   Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:25 am

I think we will not need any GM for now. There are already 7 GMs on game for the players we have now.

This is not a place for fun. This is something official and you should act a bit professional. The words like "Yeah, alright, cool," etc show a bit immaturity, that's all I want to say. Other than that it's a good application.

Application Status: Orange Flag. "Application viewed and is in consideration."

If this application is not accepted in a week you can consider it as Denied application.
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Slammin Sam's App
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