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 Might aswell take a chance o.o

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PostSubject: Might aswell take a chance o.o   Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:53 pm

IN-GAME NAME - SirSmackU/Logan

KEY NAME - Beatdown99

AGE - 16


BYOND EXPERIENCE - I have been playing BYOND games and been on BYOND for like 6 years ago. I try to diversify in games I play but I always end up with Rebirth =/

SKILLS AND GM EXPERIENCE- I try to code but sometimes I fail at it. Icon Editting/Mapping/Forums is probably my domain. I've been GM in multiple games which i've forgotten except Warriors Within/Shadow Storm/Broken Bonds/Ghost's RU (when it was kinda a little bit decent)/

You're applying for?Council OR Enforcer
Enforcer - lv2

WHY I SHOULD BE COUNCIL OR ENFORCER- Council: I should be an enforcer because I have alot of experience and knowledge of how the game's coding and how it's been updated since it first started. Also, I can maybe help with code and help fixing the problems of the game. I can also possibly create a new map to the game and I have a very creative mind and probably too much imagination which can help with ideas and suggestions to make the game funner.
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Might aswell take a chance o.o
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