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 You'll never guess who's app this is

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PostSubject: You'll never guess who's app this is   Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:40 pm

IN-GAME NAME - Chalaka

KEY NAME - Chalaka

AGE - 19


BYOND EXPERIENCE - Erm..I've been playing for five years I think?

SKILLS - Little bit of this, little bit of that. Mostly iconning, but I can do just about anything really (Just don't ask me to code, I suck huge balls at it)

GM EXPERIENCE - I've been GM on all versions of RU, (levels 2-5), been GM on a lot of other games but they weren't exciting enough to brag about or remember (Except Shinobi Masterz, that game was hella fun and I was I think level 6 which was owner level, but I was co-owner), other than that my experience ends at RU.

Council OR Enforcer?
Does it really matter? Just give me what you think I should get

WHY I SHOULD BE COUNCIL OR ENFORCER- Because I'm hardcore as fuck. Not really but I take shit from who? Noone, I handle shit like nobody's business. If I'm here anyway
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You'll never guess who's app this is
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